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Image of Koto

Tasmanian Oak (stained)

1000W 1000D 1800H


The Koto light aims to increase user awareness and experience by engaging mindfulness in the function of the design and consumption of electricity. In this design, to turn on the LED light, the user must physically make the connection by moving the light up or down. This movement also acts as an adjustable height reading light. The function and structure of the design is based on a simple mortise joint, eliminating the need for fasteners or glue. It is easily assembled, disassembled and flat packed for transport. Furthermore, its made from a single board of Tasmanian oak, allowing for simple efficient and ecological production.

"that sweet spot where artistry, craft, trade, engineering and design overlap... Liam’s light is elegant, surprising and playful. It has been designed with economy of materials, distribution and functionality in mind. It is so beautifully made it’s hard to see how he’s done it. It’s totally delightful."

Laura McCusker, Esteemed judge and furniture maker

Winner of the Clarence Prize for Excellence in Furniture Design 2015

Image of Koto Image of Koto Image of Koto